Tell us a bit about yourself and why you chose RisingOaks Early Learning for your family’s child care needs?
I am passionate about the learning and development of children.

How has being a Director on the Board benefited you personally and professionally?
I have learned a lot about governance from the inside of an organization that I have not seen in my professional life thus far.

What would you say to a member who is contemplating joining the board but is not sure what they can bring to the table or whether they have the right skill set?
It's a great learning experience.

Share a fond memory from your childhood that has stayed with you over the years? How has this and other similar moments influenced your parenting style?
Surprises. My mom used to plan surprises of all sizes - even just a spontaneous stop to get ice cream. That stuck with me.

What is the role of members at the Annual General Meeting?
Contribute their ideas and challenge the board.

What would you say to a member who is not planning to attend the AGM because they believe it is just a boring review of the financials?
It's more than that - you can see the actions RisingOaks has taken over the year and the impact it makes daily.

Julia Klann


Community Member

Finance & Audit Committee