Remembrance Day with Infants

Program Name: Infant

It is important to let our infant friends make connections at a very young age. They can make connections with their community while engaging in fun activities! To honour the Canadian history, we made some artwork using contact paper and tissue paper. We decorated our poppies while sticking the red tissue paper to the paper.

“By remembering, we pay tribute to members of the Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP who served to defend our values and freedoms. We also honour those who continue to serve our country today.” The Royal Canadian Legion.

On November 11th, we were able to create an activity that gave the children the opportunity to experience Canadian history. We talked about history, celebrations, and beliefs that unite a social group, in this case our community. Infants can have a sense of belonging with the community when they spend time experiencing empathy through art or any other activity that allows them to express themselves.

A child placing pieces of tissue paper on their poppy.

A child placing pieces of tissue paper to their poppy.

A child sitting and placing pieces of tissue paper to their poppy.