FEATURED STORY | Problem Solving and Self Regulation

Preschool 1

The children in the Preschool 1 program have been utilizing various problem solving and self-regulation tools into our program. We have been highlighting the "Zones of Regulation" for quite some time and the children are continuing to grasp these concepts and implement them into social interactions. The Zones of Regulation allow children to learn empathy towards themselves and others, while also educating them about consequences that may accompany their actions. We have been using heavy sensory output experiences, both indoors and outdoors that reduce aggressive behaviours.

Outdoors this may look like shoveling snow and transporting it, moving heavy stumps to another area on the playground, balancing on the ratchet straps or climbing the tree. Inside, stacking chairs and transporting various materials provide these heavy works and tactile experiences. The children love exploring our sensory tiles, which react to pressure when the children push down on them.

We have many books and social stories in our program that highlight both problem solving and self-regulation. These books are applied to relatable scenarios that may occur in our program, such as roughness, conflicts and disagreements. The children are able to work through the scenarios with their educators to come up with solutions to various problems that may arise. We also have sensory bottles that we have put an emphasis of implementing more and more of these experiences into our program to assist the children in this area of their development.


Preschool boy mixes the colours in the sensory mat

Preschool boy climbs up on the tire swing

Preschool girls balancing on the ratchet straps

preschool boy and girl watch the colour move from one side of the bottle to the other to help calm their bodies