I've Been Working on the Railroad Project


Preschool 1

Completed: March 2018

RECEs: Keri and Candice

Objectives: To explore the children’s interest in trains, sparked by the train that passes behind the child care centre.


kids watching a train go by making a train with blocks

child and educator working on their train









The Train project began as a result of the educators observations of the children running to the fence yelling, "Train!" when they heard the train whistle in the distance.


Throughout the project, the children gained both insight and knowledge surrounding trains through various experiences. They learned about how tracks are made, various types of trains, and they also got to see the train pass by up close and personal! The excitement in these moments were shared between both the children and the educators.


The project concluded with the children creating their very own train, using boxes donated by a parent. The 3D train was a hit, and stayed within the program for weeks following the conclusion of the project!


Take a look at our project and find out just how capable, competent and curious children really are.


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