small train

Train Project

Jr. Camp

Completed: Summer 2019

RECEs: Ashley and Susan

Objectives: To explore the children’s interest in trains and enrich their knowledge of the regions ION train.


girld painting train cookiesion train

 small child's train










Our project on trains began with an overwhelming interest in a container of trains and tracks in the program room. The interest allowed the children the opportunity to work together as a team to build elaborate tracks throughout the room that permitted every child the opportunity to participate in some way. The children quickly expanded their interest throughout the room by exploring cooking, dramatic play and creative experiences that were all focused on enhancing their knowledge on trains. The group finished the project with a hands on experience of riding the regions ION train throughout the city.






Click here to read the complete documentation on our project





children sitting on the bridge they made

Whittling Project

Jr. Camp

Completed: Summer 2018

RECEs: Ashley V. RECE

Objectives: To give children a new skill, as well as an activity that requires them to work with their hands. To build confidence, work on being patient and show capability while learning this new skill. For children to have a sense of accomplishment while working hard with what they were able to create.


girld whittlinggirl Whittlingsticks laying on a table











During the summer the children were able to work with their hands while learning how to whittle. The children showed excitement while learning how to use a whittling knife on fallen tree branches we collected during our forest adventures. They learned how to have patience as they were able to watch their top layer and inner layer of bark slowly fall off with each time they worked on it. The children were able to transfer their whittled branch into wands and scepters for their final project and present their hard work to their parents. They also learned how to carve soap with an expert carver, carve fruit, and how to carve layers of watermelon skin to create something new. The children learned a lot this summer and were able to share a new skill with their friends and family.


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children sitting on the bridge they made

Bridge Project

Jr. Camp

Completed: Summer 2016

RECEs: Ashley V. RECE, Lisa S. ECF, and Emily G. RECE

Objectives: Children were interested in exploring bridges after our field trip to Victoria Park. They wanted to learn about different types of bridges and how they are built.


building a bridge with jenga blockschildren studying a bridgecompleted bridge









 We made bridges out of all sorts of material; Jenga blocks, popsicle sticks, goop and wooden blocks.

It was so much fun observing a nearby beam bridge, as we wrote down observations and took measurements. This helped us in the making of our real life bridge which we gifted to the Toddlers and Preschoolers.

Click here to read the complete documentation on our project





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